Tel Aviv – Day Tour

We will explore Tel Aviv by walking through its streets, learn about the fascinating history of the first Jewish city from its foundation until today. The Bauhaus style architecture, the harbor and the "tachana" ( the old railway station) as well of and lots of "off the beaten track" attractions in the Southern neighborhoods….graffiti art, exotic restaurants and the Levinsky market where wonderful flavours of oriental spices and food are waiting for you.

Depending on your time schedule this can be a half or full day tour.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa –Full Day Tour 

A great occasion to see the metropolitan coexistence between old and new! This is just the tour! Together we will discover ancient Jaffa and modern Tel-Aviv on a combined tour that takes you back three thousand years; to when the ancient Egyptians ruled here; until today’s ultra-modern Israel. We will start at the ancient Jaffa port, stroll through the artist's quarter, hear about Jaffa's significance to Christianity; and make our way towards modern Tel-Aviv through the Southern neighborhood Florentin crossing the economic and cultural heart of the city at Rothschild Boulevard with its wonderful Bauhaus buildings (proclaimed by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage Site!), where the story of Tel-Aviv and the state of Israel actually began. We will finish our tour in Neveh Zedek, a former slum and now a picturesque artist quarter. The right place to talk about conservation and restoration of old buildings and to hear the incredible story of the German Templer Community.


Jerusalem of Gold
The Old City and its major sites –  Day Tour

"Jerusalem of Gold" says a famous Israeli song. Jerusalem is a "must" in every trip to Israel. No other city in the world is such a mosaic of so many different religions and cultures living side by side. Whether you are interested in history, religion or archeology, Jerusalem has it all. Whether you request a Christian tour or want to focus on Jewish or Islamic sites, just let me know and I will arrange the most suitable tour for you.

Another option is "the little bit of everything tour" during which we will visit  the major sites of the three monotheistic religions: the Temple Mount with the famous El Aksa mosque, the Western Wall, the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the four Sephardic Synagogues and the Hurva synagogue where we will enjoy a wonderful view of the old city.  We will encounter people of all kinds, visit the "shuk", bargain with the Arabic shop owners and taste wonderful Humus and other oriental delicacies. This day tour in Jerusalem's old city will be without doubt one of the most memorable days of your stay in Israel!


Modern Jerusalem – Day Tour

This tour will take you to the parts of the city, outside the walls, where the story of modern Jerusalem started in the 19th century when British, French, Germans and other Europeans gained foothold of the Holy city by establishing religious institutions, hospitals and schools.  The first Jewish quarters outside the walls were built as well and we will visit the very first of them "Mishkenot Sha’ananim". Our tour will lead us to the famous King David Hotel and to the beautiful Rechavia neighborhood with its Bauhaus architecture and to other distinguished buildings constructed during  the British mandate. We will stop for lunch at "Mahane Yehuda", Israel's most popular market, a paradise of delicious food!

At the end of our tour we will visit the part of Jerusalem that symbolizes the modern state of Israel:  the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, as well as the impressive Supreme Court building in the government area. 


Judean Desert, Dead Sea and Masada – Day Tour

You won't believe it, but just beyond Jerusalem you will find yourself all of a sudden in the desert. In an almost surreal landscape that will take your breath away! Countless biblical and historical events took place in this arid part of the country. The Israelites, King David, Bar Kokhba, The Hasmonean kings, Herod the Great and many others left their footsteps here.  Jesus passed here on his way from Galilee to Jerusalem. We can stop at Qumran where The Dead Sea Scrolls, were found in one of the caves. In the nature reserve of Ein Gedi we can hear the story about the mysterious persimmon plant of which the first inhabitants produced an expensive oil that was highly requested by the rich Roman ladies.



One of the highlights of our tour is the Masada fortification located on the plateau of a table mountain where Herod the Great built some of his architectonic masterpieces. We will ascend by cable car and enjoy an incredible 360 degree view, visit the compound and get to know the dramatic events that took place here and which signified the bitter end to the first Jewish-Roman war.


Dead Sea

Here we are, at the lowest point of earth, about 430m below sea level. The Dead Sea is an important branch of Israel's industry and a very popular destination for tourists and Israelis alike. The healthy effect of the high concentration of minerals and the attenuated UV radiations make it a perfect resort for relaxing body and soul. We will take out our swimming suits and see what it is like to bathe or actually float in the Dead Sea. No doubt, a unique experience! 


Around the Sea of Galilee– Day Tour

"In the footsteps of Jesus"


Impressive landscapes, beautiful churches from ancient and modern times, ancient synagogues and interesting archeological remains are the highlights of our tour in Galilee. We will visit the sites we read about in the New Testament and follow Jesus’ footsteps during one of the most important chapters of his life. This tour is not meant only for Christian pilgrims but for anyone interested in learning about how people lived in the Galilee 2000 years ago.  We will visit Nazareth, Jesus’ childhood town, and Kfar Cana where he performed his first miracle. We will visit the villages of Capernaum and Tabgha along the beautiful shores of the Sea of Galilee. The first was Jesus home base and the place where he recruited most of his disciples and performed many of his miracles. The latter is identified as the place where the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand took place.  In Kursi, located on the eastern shore of the lake, occurred the "Cure of the Gerasene Demoniac". Another two important sites are Mount Tabor and Mount of Beatitudes that commemorate significant events that occurred during Jesus time in Galilee.

Choose the sites you are most interested in and time permitting a boat ride on the lake of Galilee can be included!


Haifa and Acre- Day Tour

Two lovely cities on the northern coast of Israel have a lot to show!

Haifa is a city of many faces. Beautifully located on the slopes of the evergreen Mount Carmel, Haifa overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for its peaceful co-existence between Arabs, Jews, Christians, Druze and other minorities, for Israel's major seaport and the world center of the Baha'i religion. Here we will visit the amazing Baha'i gardens which attract more than half a million visitors every year and belong to the precious UNESCO's World heritage sites. But first we will enjoy a breathtaking view from the top of the gardens. A perfect occasion for a memorable photo!  Haifa is also the place where the first German Templers settled in the 19th century and we will hear the unusual story of this community and admire their beautifully renovated houses along Ben Gurion Boulevard.


A half hour drive from Haifa we will arrive at the picturesque Old City of Acre, one of the oldest cities in the world and also a UNESCO world heritage site.  If you want to see how medieval knights lived, this is the place! We will step into the impressive underground, stone-vaulted Knight's halls of the Hospitallers order and walk through the Turkish bazaar to the Templars tunnel, used for" illegal commercial practices". After a nice oriental lunch (Acre is famous for its Humus!) you will be surprised by the fascinating story of the Italian Merchants from Genoa, Venice and Pisa who lived here like in their hometowns. Continuing to the romantic port and the city wall, we will have a look at the famous Al-Jazzar mosque and the "Jariva" synagogue, visit the caravanserai Khan al-Umdan and the Turkish bath "hammam" built by the ambitious Ottoman rulers, Dhaher al Omar and  Ahmad All- Jazzar. Even Napoleon Bonaparte himself appeared here to conquer the city but things went differently than he had planned…