Top 10 Attractions


Israel is a small country (ca. 22,000 square km) and even if you have only a few days to spend here, you will be able to see quite a lot!


 10 "musts" for Israel Beginners:


  • Jerusalem Old City - no way you miss it!


  • Jerusalem New City and the Israel Museum - wonderful collection


  • Tel Aviv - White City - an outstanding example of Bauhaus buildings


  • Old Jaffa - beautiful and sooo romantic...


  • Judean Desert, Masada and the Dead Sea - an unforgettable adventure


  • ​Lake of Galilee and Nazareth - in the footsteps of Jesus


  • Caesarea - one of Herods the Great masterpieces


  • Haifa - the breathtaking Bahai gardens and the German colony


  • Acre - meet the crusaders in the underground


  • Golan Heights and Banias Nature Reserve - Syria, holy water and Pan


okay, this is enough for your first visit..for the next time(s) see below



  10 "musts" for the Advanced Israel Visitor:


  • The Ramon Crater in the Negev Desert - incredible and unique landscape 


  • Eilat and the Red Sea - sunbathing and diving paradise


  • Safed -  Kabbalah, Synagogues and Art


  • Tel Dan and Tel Hazor - for archaeology lovers thousands of years back to the past


  • Good vibes in Tel Aviv - folkloristic quarters, markets and graffiti  


  • Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem - a culinary paradise


  • Jerusalem (old and new) in the 19th century - special people, places and events 


  • Timna Park and Kibbutz Lotan - a geological and ecological miracle in the desert


  • Umm al-Kanatir and other ancient Synagogues in the North - jewels from the Byzantine era


  • Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran and Ein Gedi nature reserve - spectacular archeological findings and unexpected desert beauty


  • Beit Shean and  the valley of the springs - Romans, kangaroos and kibbutzim in one of Israels most beautiful areas